Introductory Workshop

This course is primarily for the machine user and process engineers wishing to refresh and expedite the learning curve following new installations. This is a two day course with class- room, lab and hands-on sessions covering the essentials of selective soldering, machine maintenance and operational practices.

Classroom Theory

Lab and Hands-on Training


Classroom Theory:

Teaches the essentials of selective soldering and describes process variables, serving as guidance to enhance the flexibility, reliability and quality provided by the selective soldering equipment. Selective soldering with lead-free alloys will be discussed in detail including differences in process parameters compared to tin-lead solder such as solderability aspects, wetting behavior of lead-free alloys and higher operating temperatures. Numerous case studies based on the instructor’s experience will be presented. The workshop is based on real world practice defining the proper understanding of component limitations clearance restrictions, thermal require- ments and solder joint reliability issues that will insure complete knowledge of the selective soldering process.

Lab and hands-on training:

Our goal is to make you comfortable with a complete understanding of the operation of your KISS machine. We start with a tour through the factory with an emphasis on the construction of the KISS machines followed by a demonstration of how to tune and calibrate all critical machine functions. We will teach you how to tear down and reassemble the solder pumps, spray and drop jet flux applicators then test and adjust for maxi- mum efficiency. The main focus of the lab session is on programming and developing a robust process. We discuss basic selective soldering applications and the best methods to locate a PCB, choosing the best nozzle and how to maintain nozzles. We help you choose the right flux for your application and how to best apply the flux. Programming tips will be demonstrated on the newest version of the KISSware, which is adaptable to most previous machines. A program will be generated step-by-step and run on our ACE test board. You will be taught you how to modify the program to achieve the best solder quality and fastest cycle times.

The ACE know-how makes for happy customers

The course includes all of the following:

  • Eight hours of comprehensive classroom information from guest speaker and well-known process expert Bob Klenke of ITM Consulting
  • Eight hours of hands-on training with our ACE manufacturing and technical team
  • Three nights lodging at a hotel nearby
  • Transportation to and from the Spokane airport
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinners are included
  • Each attendee receives:
    • 38-page Selective Soldering Process Manual
    • Manufacturability Guideline booklet
    • Through-hole Soldering Troubleshooting guide
    • Certificate of Completion

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